Get all 3 Netflix, Amazon Prime & Gaana for free

Get all 3 Netflix, Amazon Prime & Gaana for free

Quarantine sucks I know right! Isn’t it better if you get Netflix, Amazon Prime & gaana for free? Just follow my steps and enjoy all these premium ott apps for free for at least a month or more. All these tricks are for learning and fun and if something goes wrong or anyone misuses it I am not to be held responsible.


For Netflix click on this and you will be redirected to this page.

Get all 3 Netflix, Amazon Prime & Gaana for free

If you don’t get this page, you won’t get the offer either and if you are not getting the offer in chrome you can try it through Opera Mini Browser and you will get the offer. There is nothing shady in it as you can see the screenshot, the first bill will be on 8th May 2020 and the screenshot was taken just before uploading this post on 8 April 2020.

If you are getting this offer then just put a fresh email (not used on Netflix earlier) and sign up. You will be asked for a name and debit/credit card number without any charges. You can also use any virtual debit card like your Paytm bank debit card or airtel payment bank debit card. Enjoy your 1-month subscription for free!

NOTE: Don’t forget to remove your card and cancel the subscription on the 29th day of the trial from the date you are subscribing else you will be charged on the the bill date. Like if you are subscribing on 9th April the bill date is on 9th may, set a alarm on your calendar for 8th May incase you have a habit of forgetting things and cancel the subscription on that date and remove your card details.

To cancel the membership, go to your Netflix app click on more option, now click on account, now you will be redirected to a Netflix web page, now tap on cancel membership and now remove your card details by clicking on the above option update payment info.


For Amazon Prime click on this link and you will be redirected to this page.

Get all 3 Netflix, Amazon Prime & Gaana for free

Now change the language by tapping on the top-left icon and scrolling down to the language button written “Deutsch”. Now click on the button and change it to English-EN and save the change. Besides this, create a random Gmail account like or whatever.

Now tap on create account put your name and then click on “use your e-mail instead” and put the email you have just created, put your password and create account. NOTE: Do remember the password xD. Now put the OTP you just received on that new Gmail account.

Now click on the left top icon again and click on try prime, then click on start your 30-day free trial. Now you will be asked about bank details. No worries, click on this link and select the german flag. Now scroll down and copy the name written after country.

Now scroll down and you will see financial details. Copy the necessary details like BIC, IBAN and paste it accordingly. Now you will be asked for an address, put anything on the first 2 lines, put Delhi in town and Delhi in state and put 110005 or any Delhi postal code and select country India and put any 10 digits random phone number now save and click on use this address. Now you will see something like Test now – pay after 30 days click on it and now cheers! you are almost done.

Now open this link now put the email and password and sign in. Now change the language to English if google translater pop up comes. Now scroll to the bottom and change “Deutschland to Indien” and tap on the big blue icon. Now the interface will change to normal amazon prime. Now download amazon prime and use this account and have fun.


Download Times Prime app sign in with your phone number. Now scroll to the right like the image below and you will see the gaana “Get one-year Gaana Subscription” offer click on it. You can avail the other offers too.

Get all 3 Netflix, Amazon Prime & Gaana for free

Now click on take me to gaana and the gaana app will open or open the gaana app manually by yourself and login with your Times Prime number, put the OTP and enjoy. NOTE: I am not sure about 1-year subscription but for at least 30-days you are definitely enjoying it for free.

Have fun, STAY HOME, enjoy this until next time I bring something more interesting and fun. To enjoy this kind of tricks keep visiting us and for any further queries, you can ask me directly on the comment box.

If this post helped you in anyway do leave a reply with a love in the bottom comment section and share this trick with your friends ❤️.

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